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Electronic Design Services

Welcome to our One Stop Shop. From conception to manufacturing, we'll complete one project phase or entire programs. Whether we supply EMI testing for FCC pre-certification or help you manage subcontractors, you'll find no holes in our service menu because it continues to grow with every new need we meet. If you don't see something you want, just ask. Just about anything's possible.

Project Definition

We seek to understand what you're trying to accomplish and define products to meet and often exceed your needs.

Cost Analysis

Spend what you need and not a penny more. Through thorough analysis, we evaluate and provide development and manufacturing cost estimates to help you make informed decisions.

Hardware Design

We do everything. From system architecture to design, CAD, coding, testing, mechanical design and building prototypes.

Firmware/FPGA Design

All of our embedded programmers are electrical/computer engineers. Their intimate understanding of the hardware results in more efficient and functional code.

Software Development

Many embedded products interface to desktop computers, so we'll make sure that the software looks and functions just as good as the hardware it's talking to.


We understand that your product needs to perform reliably and that manufacturing defects must be kept to a minimum to maximize your profits. That's why we design with quality and testability in mind. We also build custom test fixtures to verify the manufacturing process.


On a low volume basis, we'll happily manufacture for you. If you contract the work elsewhere, we'll work with the manufacturer to help reduce costs and streamline production. We design, therefore we know your product and will use our knowledge to help you in any way we can.

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